A desire to climb

A desire to climb


When it was built in the early 1980s, the Robert Blanc refuge's primary vocation was mountaineering. And this activity is still deeply rooted in the refuge.

Indeed, it is the starting point for many races offering a very varied range of practices and difficulties in one of the less frequented parts of the Mont Blanc massif.

Due to the easy runs around, and the variety of the terrain, the Robert Blanc refuge is an ideal place for initiation to mountaineering.

From the refuge, several routes may allow you to discover the high mountain. Click on the links for further informations (in french sadly…).

Dôme de Neige 3592 m 2 main routes :

  • SW face : round trip by the glacier des Glaciers. Ice hiking : F.
  • Arête des Lanchettes / SW ridge : easy climbing : PD-. You can walk down by the glacier.
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Mont Tondu 3196 m

  • Several routes, but the most climbed is the NE ridge : easy climbing, PD.

Aiguille des Lanchettes 3073 m

  • Western ridge from the col du Tondu : easy climbing, PD-.

Petite Aiguille des Glaciers 3468 m

  • glacier des Glaciers then Northern ridge : ice hiking, then easy climbing : PD-.
Beautiful crossing, hardly visited.


From the Robert Blanc refuge, you can also access (and vice versa) the Conscrits refuge located on the Contamines-Montjoie slope, via the Col du Tondu.

Refuge of Conscripts

  • via the Col du Mont Tondu, descend the Mont Tondu glacier and go up to the Refuge des conscrits refuge des Conscrits
  • par le col des Glaciers, descendre la pente Nord jusqu’au glacier de Tré-la-Tête, et remonter au refuge.