Important informations summer 2020

Due to the health measures required by government authorities, special measures are in place for the summer of 2020.

Individual Commitment Charter

These measures may vary from one refuge to another to adapt to their own constraints. We present below the main measures implemented at the Robert Blanc refuge, so please read them before your visit and make sure to respect them.

Any visit to the refuge is subject to a compulsory reservation. The names, first names, addresses and telephone numbers of each person must be sent to us. What is more, each person wishing to come and stay at the refuge will have to read the Individual Commitment Charter (see opposite), sign it and return it by email to the refuge ( before going there.


Here are the main things to know before coming at Robert Blanc’s this summer. This is in addition to what is mentioned in the previous Charter

The maximum capacity of the refuge has been reduced to 23 people.

The rent of sleeping bag liners provided by the refuge and washed on site is compulsory. We are now able to provide sleeping materials, while respecting health recommendations. A fixed price of 2,5 € / person is invoiced ; it includes the rent of the liners and a contribution to the laundry and cleaning / disinfection costs which are greatly increased.

You must come with your personal slippers, and we will not provide any pillow

To ensure that distances are maintained during meals, a first service takes place in the evening at 6.30 p.m. So we ask you to arrive at the refuge before 5.30 p.m.

Bivouac is prohibited close to the refuge because in case of bad weather, and due to health restrictions, we will not be able to take in the campers (anyway, due to the terrain, it is complicated to set up a tent in the immediate vicinity of the refuge)


Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.