The Thomas Rocques trail is a route that begins at the Tête Nord des Fours to reach the refuge Robert Blanc. It finally ends to the col de la Seigne (French-italian border). Of course you can walk this route in the other way.

The Thomas Rocques trail is more technical (screes, névés, cables and chains, rocky and steep parts, streams to cross,…) and so requires a good hiking experience. But it also is off the crowd you might see on the conventional TMB trail.

If you choose to hike this route, after the Tête Nord des Fours, you will walk through the col des Bouquetins, then the col de la Grande Écaille, and finally arrive to the refuge Robert Blanc. This first part is very wild and mineral, with small mountain lakes between the col des Bouquetins and the col de la Grande Écaille. From the col de la Grande Écaille you will be able to admire the amazing view on the glacier des Glaciers and the second part of the trail.

After the refuge, the trail leads you very close to the glacier. You will feel the high mountain. This part still is technical, with many stream which might be hard to cross when it rains or late in the afternoon when the ice melts heavily. Cables and chains help you in the most difficult parts.

Depending on the snow conditions, this route might not be passable before early in or mid-July.

The following pictures show the trail from the Tête Nord des Fours to the col de la Seigne. Those pictures were taken during the autumn, so they do not show the potential névés you might have to cross earlier in summer.

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