We provide you a few recommandations to prepare your hiking in the vallée des Glaciers.

  1. Let your friends or relatives know where you are hiking, your route,
  2. Note the emergency telephone number: 112 (free, works without credit or SIM), PGHM of Bourg Saint-Maurice Some advice in the event of an accident on the PGHM de Chamonix .
  3. Get enough food and water
  4. Take the IGN 3531ET Saint-Gervais map,
  5. Check the weather forecast,
  6. Don’t forget to take sunglasses and sunscreen,
  7. Make sure you have a first-aid kit
  8. Start walking early in the morning. It is much more pleasant to walk with a cool air than in the scorching afternoon heat. Furthermore the strom risk often increases in the afternoon
  9. Please load and check your electric devices before coming. Depending on the weather, we might can’t reload them if we have a low power. Turn your phone off during your hike, because the cell phone network is very poor in this part of the mountain. Your phone will uselessly loose battery trying desperately to find service.